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Qtell Free Phone Calls Over The Internet Pay Nothing To Over 30 Countries With Skype
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Qtell Free calls

Qtell How To Make Free Calls Over The Internet To Other Landlines And Mobile Phones

Free mobile and landline phone calls

Just follow the instruction's and you can make as many internet to landline mobile and landline phone's with the new imFONE which is on the front page work's very well the software that is free

Ring around the world for free to over 30 countries with

Click Here

Buy products, from skype click on the banner for more details

Qtellwholesale Limited For All Your Skype products From Mobile Telephones To Headsets To Be Used With Skype

Unlimited telephone call’s for as little 10.00 euro for 1 month’s see web site for details

Skype, make up to 10000 minutes a month with Skype

Make computer to house/mobile telephones for free with  Skype software all you need is a broadband connection and a VoIP telephone to make unlimited world wide telephone calls 

Use imfone Bluetooth VoIP telephone that work’s with Skype
with the imFONE you can download the VoIP buster program, switch between programs to get the best of both worlds

Click Here    Manager for Voipbuster

Click Here    Manager for Skype

Only 50 imFONE in stock as single orders, for larger orders please contact web site for more details

Click on the banner to buy the Skype wireless bluetooth telephone

Qtellwholesale limited Skype Voip Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Telephone To Make Free Telephone Calls Contact For More Details


1. What is VoIP? VoIP enables broadband users to send telephone call’s via the internet, turning your computer into a telephone exchange

2. Will I have to pay extra for my broadband connection? No extra cost to broadband users, use any broadband connection in the world

3. Can I buy VoIP telephones on this web site? Yes the imFONE work’s well with  Skype, and Skype headsets, or uses the link to buy direct from Skype

4. Can I use vista? Yes the imFONE works with vista/xp

5. Do I need a special charger for the imfone? No the imFONE is charged off the usb and can be used in any part of the world

6. Where can I find out more details of the imFONE? 

Go to the company web site 
Click Here

7.Voip can be used for business? all business big or small can use this system to make free calls

8.Software for this voip is free just download and follow the online instructions

The imFone is the best bluetooth hardware on the market just plug and play

Contact details


Skype michael22232

Telephone 00353469540202


Qtellwholesale Limited For All Your Internet To Landline Low Cost Infomatation From Skype

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Qtellnet Social Network 
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